Lowest Brokerage

Loyal Trade Offers Lowest Brokerage and Zero Brokerage Plans.

Zero Brokerage for unlimited Trading for Rs. 19/Trade or Rs. 999/Month or Rs. 8888/yearly for Equities/Commodities.

On the off chance that you are successive dealer or financial specialist who put a few times in a month in values or subordinates, your brokerage charges may be consuming your benefits. In such case, you should search for Best Demat Account lowest brokerage to reduced business charges for stock exchanging to expand your benefit.

Loyal Trade offers ‘Lowest Brokerage’ for unlimited online Trading in India we offers Rs. 19/Trade or Rs. 999/Month or Rs. 8888/yearly for Equities/Commodities.

Rs 9/- per lot is Standard Brokerage we charge in All Segments.

It means if you want to buy or sell as many Stocks irrespective of quantity or multiple lots , FNO or Commodities as possible (trade in any volume) but pay maximum Rs 19/- per trade across NSE & MCX.

Yearly unlimited Yearly unlimited Plan at Rs. 8888/Segment per year

Yearly unlimited Lowest Brokerage plan provides unlimited freedom for trading to traders and helps them to exit in small ticks in speculative trades . Rs 8888/- is Lowest Brokerage plan for one year trading NSE/MCX. either exchange


  • Client has to pay all taxes state / centre .
  • Exposure given is subject to market conditions
  • All communication regarding margin , payin payout , Short Delivery will done electronically via email. Trade confirmations Digital Contract notes and all other statements would be sent via Email.
  • Client should no do circular trading , trade matching or any other unlawfull activities
  • Client has to keep the account active and in case of any reactivation after dormancy client has to bear reactivation charges and the brokerage will be set to default brokerage
  • Terms and Conditions can be subject to change
  • Security and Disaster Recovery
  • Above offer is for limited period as applicable