Brokerage Plans

Loyal Trade Offers Lowest Brokerage and Zero Brokerage Plans.

Zero Brokerage for unlimited Trading for Rs. 19/Trade or Rs. 999/Month or Rs. 8888/yearly for Equities/Commodities.

Rs 9/- per lot is Standard Brokerage we charge in All Segments.
It means if you want to buy or sell as many Stocks irrespective of quantity or multiple lots , FNO or Commodities as possible (trade in any volume) but pay maximum Rs 19/- per trade across NSE & MCX.

Monthly Plans at Rs 999/Segment.

Choose prepaid Monthly Brokerage of Rs999/month and enjoy unlimited trading freedom.

Yearly unlimited Yearly unlimited Plan at Rs8888/Segment per year

Yearly unlimited zero brokerage plan provides unlimited freedom for trading to traders and helps them to exit in small ticks in speculative trades . Rs 8888/- is zero brokerage plan for one year trading NSE/MCX. either exchange.

Discounted Plans @ Rs 19 / per trade Trade Loyal Plan in any Segment.

Discounted Plan for rs 19 per trade . Is means you can put any quantity in single order and you have to pay on completion of the trade.

700 rs Per Crore Trade Easy.

Now Trade in Rs 700/- per crore plan . Lowest brokerage in the industry .Only pay when you trade .

Transaction Cost Transparent.

Apart from other brokers loyal trade is maintaining transparency in its costs and charges all of the charges are as per rules of exchange.


  • Client has to pay all taxes state / centre.
  • Exposure given is subject to market conditions.
  • All communication regarding margin , payin payout , Short Delivery will done electronically via email. Trade confirmations Digital Contract notes and all other statements would be sent via Email.
  • Client should no do circular trading , trade matching or any other unlawfull activities
  • Client has to keep the account active and in case of any reactivation after dormancy client has to bear reactivation charges and the brokerage will be set to default brokerage
  • Terms and Conditions can be subject to change
  • Above offer is for limited period as applicable